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General Information for Royal Cairns Bike Hash:
Helmets and Bells are legally required and it is recommended that long sleeves and sun screen are used and that a water bottle, spare tube, tyre levers, repair kit, adjustable spanner, pump and a mobile phones are carried on Cairns Bike Hash rides

Contacts: Retard 0439 487878
or TerrificPerson (TP) 0414 884 734

All rides are just $5 except as advertised and all participants ride at their own risk

In the case  of bad/unsafe weather riders should contact the hare, who will make an executive  decision on whether the ride will go ahead.  When a hare puts their name down  for a ride they should supply a contact phone number, preferably mobile  number, which can then be put on the website. 
Riders should also consider putting a poncho or cycling rain coat in with their gear,  have bike lights, and wear brightly coloured clothing in these  instances.

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8th March 2021

Sunday early afternoon saw a game bunch of 10 bike hashers congregate at The Rocks car park for another intrepid cycle journey. Yes it was hot and humid but that could not deter these adventurous souls. Beside the majority of the ride was shaded and there was the promise of caffeine and libations to lure them. The trail lead them along bike paths all the way to Limberlost where a coffee stop was called. After this, it was a short haul to the Red Hat for a cleansing ale. Then it was on on back to the keg for a little more cleansing, some of TeePees gourmet baguettes and a cool down in crystal clear waters of Freshwater creek. All up we cycled 23 kilometres on bike paths which were most flat.

A relaxed circle was eventually called, with charges to Big Bang, Juggler and “yours truely”.

All up it was a wonderful event in excellent company.

So come, dust off your push bike pump up it’s tyres, oil it’s chain and charge up it’s battery and join on our next epic cycle extravaganza.

On On Rteard.  

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