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Cairns Royal Bike Hash

General Information for Royal Cairns Bike Hash:
Helmets and Bells are legally required and it is recommended that long sleeves and sun screen are used and that a water bottle, spare tube, tyre levers, repair kit, adjustable spanner, pump and a mobile phones are carried on Cairns Bike Hash rides

Contacts: Retard 0439 487878
or TerrificPerson (TP) 0414 884 734

All rides are just $5 except as advertised and all participants ride at their own risk

In the case  of bad/unsafe weather riders should contact the hare, who will make an executive  decision on whether the ride will go ahead.  When a hare puts their name down  for a ride they should supply a contact phone number, preferably mobile  number, which can then be put on the website. 
Riders should also consider putting a poncho or cycling rain coat in with their gear,  have bike lights, and wear brightly coloured clothing in these  instances.

Need bike repairs - check out this flyer


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