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Heavenly Harriettes
Cairns Royal Bike Hash
Dunno & Snyce at the Bohemia Centre - run 2172
A large group of hashers met at a new venue tonight, the Bohemia Business Centre in downtown Manoora.  A very hot and humid night greeted the pack of 31 hashers.

DQ at Edge Hill - run 2171
Sorry no notes or photos

Pro At Little Mulgrave - run 2170
A very small bunch of Hashers met at the pub at Little Mugrave for the first run of 2018.  Really small bunch - there was only five.  All is peaceful in the Valley

Christmas at Poolwood Road - run 2169
Sorry, no notes or photos!!

Pecker at Whitfield - run 2168
We met at Pecker's home in Whitfield for the last run before Christmas.  Off round the suburbs we went following a well marked trail - well it was until we lost it!  Trail found again and we were off again through the streets, along drains and through parks.  This hasher and others opted not to climb the hill for the drink stop but Pecker obligingly stopped for us on his way back.
Back at the keg and our visitor from Japan, Spicy Sausage, was welcomed as were returnees Captain F and Success.  Down downs were drunk, charges laid, memorabilia presented and the raffle was drawn.

This is my last run with Cairns Hash, I am moving to Bundaberg in the New Year.  Thank you all for the hashing fun of the last 9 years and I will see you all at Nash Hash.

on on

Master Farter's New Home - run 2167
A large bunch of hashers met in Holloways for the virgin run from Master Farter's new home.  Off around the suburb we went, along the beach vainly looking for arrows in the sand.  All good, we came out the other end and continued on chalk arrows on the bitumen.

Back at the keg, the hare was down downed, visitors, including Bravefart  and In tents Sex from Geneva were welcomed, returnees returned, charges were laid and memorabilia presented.  Well done to Pro for managing to keep the shirt for a whole week without putting it in someone's car or leaving it behind!  This was presented to Spreadem - just 'cos!

Tasty nosh was eaten and it is on on to Pecker's run next week.

Christmas Run - run 2166
It's that time of year- our Christmas Run.  The venue this year was the Crown Hotel where a large group of hashers met before a short walk around the CBD.  It rained so we had the circle under the slight shade of a large tree with its roosting birds threatening to do what birds do best from a great height.

Back to the Crown and the usual circle with charges from the run.  The meals began arriving and we all tucked into the very tasty nosh.

It was then time to award badges for the various number of runs completed. The eating and drinking continued making a very enjoyable evening. Thanks to all those who made this event happen!!

Spreadem at her place - run 2165
Sorry no photos or notes!!

Super Stork - or was it? - run 2164
Where is the Hare??  Apparently out of town!  He set the run yesterday but of course it rained so Weed made a last minute dash around re-setting trail.  Off we went following chalk marks and now shredded paper as well.  Around and around the suburbs we went, along streets and drains.

Back at the keg charges were laid, returnees returned, Broken Seal was farewelled as he heads off for colder climes south and MOFL was wished Hashy Birthday along with a lovely bunch of orchids from Tuttie Fruittie.

Bullseye @ Holloways - run 2163

Sodonme & Oops in Edge Hill - run 2162

Halloween at the GM's - run 2161
There were ghosts, witches & hookers and even Hannibal Lector turned up for the Halloween run at Xtractit's home.  The run is on chalk, big arrows she said so off we went.  The trail was well marked with large chalk arrows and we walked for what seemed forever, on a hot, humid night, before eventually getting back to the keg!

A good, well marked run was given the appropriate score before charges were laid, returnees including the GM were returned before nosh of pumpkin soup - of course, followed by chicken and salads.

Spock at his place - run 2160
A bunch of merry hashers met at the abode of Spock and Bouncer for a typical Spock run, plenty of mixed terrain, water and places you needed a bit of logic to get around as well as large well marked arrows.

Back at the keg those that only managed to get as far as the Kangaroo's club were awarded with a drink, more than they got at the club as it was closed!!  Spock was awarded a suitable score after a run and walkers report was given.

Returnees were returned, Pro sat in the circle and charges were laid.  Broken Seal was awarded the egg for a low profile, maybe because he hadn't laughed at all!!

Tasty nosh followed and it is on on to the GM's Halloween run next week.

Helmet in Forest Gardens - run 2159
The rain kept away as our band of Hashers began the run round the leafy suburb.  The trail was marked on shredded paper, the earlier chalk markings had been washed away earlier in the day!  The runners went up the hill, the walkers didn't so missed the drink stop.
Back at the keg, charges were laid including all those who did not go up the hill!  49er, Royal T and Broken Seal were welcomed back.  The raffle was drawn and then it was on to the very tasty nosh of Cottage Pie and vegetables, very yummy, thanks Prickle!

Wait- a - While Celebration Run - run 2158
We met tonight at the bottom of the hill going up to Copperlode Dam, the site of WaW's first run 30 years ago! In those days it was still all cane fields around the area and Reservoir Road was nowhere as busy as it is today. The run is set on chalk and the on on is up the hill on the other side of the road, said the Hare as we set off.
Round the suburbs we went on a well marked trail, a big loop round the suburb of Brinsmead. Back to the keg with very favourable run reports given. The usual charges were laid with WaW charging Farcanal and Super Stork for riding on the back of a cane train - 30 years ago!!!

Great nosh followed - happy 30 years of hashing Wait-a-While

Pro @ His Place - run 2157
Sorry no notes or photos!!

Legless in Whitfield - run 2156

Master Farter in Woree - run 2155
We all met in a park in Woree for another of Master Farter's challenging runs. It is on chalk and on tape as you go through the shiggy he said, there is water! Off we went, MF had forgotten to mention hills, very big ones! On the pack went following a well marked trail, through snake infested undergrowth and cascading streams we trecked. Safely out into the suburbs with no snake bites we headed back for the very welcome keg and nibbles.

Circle followed with the GM awarding a down down to all those sitting in the circle. Run reports were given with very favourable reports from both the runners and the walkers, another great run by Master Farter.

Charges we laid, Madame Slash was charged for nearly drowning Not Yet and Slag, not with the water from the stream however! Slag and Not Yet were charged for being gentlemen and waiting for the Harriettes - gentlemen in hash - whatever next! Farcanal was awarded the low profile award along with KT. Bouncer was charged with being confused!

Madame Slash was awarded the shirt and Spreadem was charged for hanging on to a couple of awards and then trying to blame Guv.

Tasty nosh followed and it is on on to a run by Legless next week.

Manu Manu returns - run 2154
Pecker in Brinsmead - run 2153
A park in Shale Street was the venue for tonight's run, it's on chalk and flour with no shiggy and no creek crossings Pecker said. Off we went through Goomboora Park and across the creek! Sadly the run was so short Pecker did not get to the drink stop before the hashers and Mole and Xtractit did the run twice!!
Back at the circle, charges were laid, our virgin from Japan was welcomed, Defeatus posed, Bouncer and Pro were returned and DQ presented Master Farter with THE shirt for some misdemeanor or other.

Tasty spag bol was eaten and it is on on to a returning hasher, Manu Manu's run next week.

Mole's run of the week - run 2152

Master Farter at Smithfield - run 2151

Swampy at Trinity Park - run 2149
The parking area at the bottom of Reed Road was the venue for tonight's hash run. Swampy told a very unlikely tale of having to set the run four times as the wind blew away the flour and the dog ate the toilet paper! Anyway off we went through sand dunes, parks and the wild of Trinity Park. It was certainly a case of "are we there yet" by the time we got back to the keg.

Circle convened and Tutti Fruiti and TP were sent to the front for nattering! One of our visitors, La Di Da from Bunbury gave the walkers report and Super gave the runners, score given and the hare was down downed. Charges were laid and other visitors welcomed and returnees returned.

Tasty vegetarian nosh followed, thanks Swampy and it is on on to Master Farters run next week. No excuse for getting lost there is a map on the website!

Wait-a-while at Chopper's - run 2148

A large pack met at Chopper's abode for W-A-W's run. It is on chalk he said with a little bit of tape. Off we went and the stopped, no arrows, a quick check with the hare and we were off again but only for a short time as the chalk marks seemed to disappear again. We then found them and we off and running. Drink stop at the fishing bridge in Stratford along with millions of mossies and it was back to the keg and round one of the feast Chopper had prepared for us.

Charges were laid, returnees including Spock and Bouncer were returned and D Cup was welcomed as a visitor. DQ got to keep the shirt for another week and MOFL ended up with the little pr..k.

More fabulous food from Chopper and it was on on to next week's run.


Mofl's Brinsmead Bearly run - run 2147

Mofl said the rain had washed out the set trail and issued pages of directions, which were rather confusing as we didn’t know the names of the Closes and Roads mentioned, and so the first mistake most of us made was to NOT turn left, as instructed.   The runners disappeared into the night and the walkers managed to fathom out most of the trail to reach the DS at Mofl’s driveway.  It was all downhill in the dark from there so the torches we had been presented on the weekend came in very handy.    All agreed it was a pleasant run with the runners awarding 7/10 and the walkers a 6/10….excellent.

After a few charges from the night’s run there were many charges incurred from the weekend at Tinaroo.   Kotex threw the ‘Shirt’ to Dancing Queen for not attending a run being held especially for Drag Queens, and Slag said his glamorous image was displayed all around his place of work…..oh, that pink wig and low cut ‘dress’!

Tasty nosh was served, followed by ‘cake, with cream’ as Mole said, and now it is On, On to Wait-a-while’s run being held at Chopper’s abode in Freshwater next Monday.
Cheers,  Tutti..

All the photos & story of
Winter Camp 2017 run 2150
Bullseye's turn - run 2146
New venue for Hash tonight but not a new area, we were in a park in Mt Sheridan. Off we went, trail is marked on chalk, said the hare. Through the wilds of Mt Sheridan we went with the runners going off in the opposite direction.
Back at the keg run and walk reports were told with a scary tale of just beating the cane train over the bridge at one point on the runners trail, maybe they went the wrong way!!

Our visitor was welcomed, returnees were returned and Koty got the dreaded Shirt of the Week for not only face planting last week but coming off her bike at the weekend and damaging her other knee.

A tasty meal followed and it is on on to next week's run.

Mole & TP at TP's place - run 2145

Hash prayer said and we were on our way for the run from TP's place. It is on chalk and paper and a long run she said so off we set. Then disaster struck Mole rolled her ankle on some shiggy so she was out of action. Back to the keg she went aided by Tuttie and Nomi while the rest of the pack followed trail. On through the wilds of Kewarra Beach we went until the welcome sight of the drink stop. Back home for the walkers while the runners carried on further.

Back at the keg and we discovered another casualty, Koty had apparently swan dived into the ground and scrapped her leg. What a disastrous night for injuries. Thankfully KT managed to get Pro safely across the road at the notorious roundabout!

Charges were laid, jokes told, raffle rigged - er I mean drawn - and tasty nosh was eaten.


Koty at home - run 2144

A small bunch of hashers met at Koty's home in Mt Sheridan for tonight's run. We were joined by a visiting hasher, Bandung Barry from Melbourne. The run is on chalk and shredded paper, on on left said Koty. Off we all went, lost, within the first 100 metres. Eventually we found trail and continued on our merry way. A very welcome drink stop with Grouper and Diamond in attendance as we headed back to the keg.

Circle convened, Spreadem was called to the front for of all things talking in the circle, not Spreadem surely!! Down downed and banished to the naughty chair!

Run reports were given and Bandung Barry awarded an un-heard of 8.5 out of 10. Koty was down downed after what was a great run.

Our visitor was welcomed, returnees returned, raffle drawn and dubious items presented. Lovely nosh was eaten and it is on on to next week's run.

Knee Trembler's Detention - run 2143

Value Added Supa Stalk - run 2142

Was it going to rain or wasn't it was the question as Supa got us away on his run, it is on chalk and a little bit of paper. Off we went along the banks of the drains of Paramatta Park. KT and W-A-W were just ahead of this hasher when they heard a huge splash in the water, torches were shone but nothing could be seen, especially no red eyes looking at us! On we went through the suburbs until some of the walkers peeled off and headed home. By this time the pack had broken up quite a bit. We came to an arrow pointing round the corner and the letter R so presuming this was the runners trail headed off in the other direction. No trail - oh well, a good walk back to the keg.

All back and accounted for except for 49er. Maybe that was the splash we heard, never mind we will look later after the circle!

Visitors from Newcastle were welcomed along with Broken Seal from Saigon Hash who has moved to Cairns and came with his own letter of introduction which the GM read out. The end of it was - please don't send him back, or words to that effect.

Charges were laid, including one for the RA for having an R and an arrow which was taken to be the runners trail but was actually a regroup - RG - Supa -RG are the initials for regroup! Items of dubious repute were awarded and nosh of chicken and salad was devoured.

Nom de Plume at Jalarra Park - run 2141
Sorry - no notes or photos this week!

Spreadem at Greenslopes Street - run 2140

The bunch met at the BBQ area on Greenslopes Street and Spreadem got us away with the words, it is on chalk, one clue go left for a little way and only a little way! Of we went and the hare was right we turned right down past the cemetery. Down to James Street we went and this is were this slack hasher left the group and did a loop back to the keg - still about 3.5km.

Back at the circle the hare was down downed with a runner's score of 4 and a walker's score of 4 also, eventually from DNA after she told a very good tale of the walk.

We welcomed 2 visitors, Fisharse from Canberra and Meat Rack Retard from Anchorage who wore a kilt and carried a back pack!

Charges were laid, returnees welcomed back and Not Yet got the Prick of the Week from Pro, who, surprisingly had managed to hold onto it all week without "off loading" it onto someone.

Nosh was eaten and it is on on to next week's run.

Pro's run - run 2139

Madame Slash - run 2138
Pecker's run - run 2137


TP was ready to write the notes– she had organised a seat under the light, pen, paper and an intellectual mind.

Pro was called out the front because of his boob show.

Run Report was good – 5/10 for Pecker because it was a good run and well marked. Pro got lonely on the way back because ??????? Walkers also gave it a 5/10.

Charges: Spreadem for bragging, TP for pointing and whinging, CatBoy being semi-naked, various others that Slag fed well with downers

By this time TP was no longer able keep up with the notes because she had consumed too much incohol, nah, oucoholl, nah that stuff that affects the noggin…..…she apologises profusely….nah, she doesn’t!

Anyhoo, Tiny Tool drew the waffle, Retard and Crackpot won that stuff, you know, incohol, oucohol, whatever!!

The Boss (not Retard, ExtraTit) said that Barrabadenn flyers will be available next week.

Also, book soon for interhash in Fiji “cause accommodation is running out.

Thanks for great Nosh, Pecker

On, On,
Terrific Person



Some hashers arrived early by car; some hashers arrived just in time in a taxi; and others were just late!   The Hare climbed up on the tray of the ute, sat on top of the drinks esky and declared that it was a shortish run off in ‘that’ direction, and  that the circle would be over ‘there’ behind the near-by shops.  So off we all went along the grass to the first check where we all milled around until someone discovered trail along the drain and across the bridge.  After meandering around in ‘lego land’ for a while we all finally traipsed back to the car park and formed a circle.

Returnees were welcomed back and a few charges were laid.  There were 3, yes three, special ‘items’ to be awarded and then a Hashy Birthday was sung to Not Yet.  49’er then invited everyone to Trinity HHH at the Royal Castle this Tuesday to celebrate Royal T’s birthday.    Mole urged everyone to ‘please pay your rego for Croc Nash Hash before the end on May to boost the numbers along for negotiating purposes.’   We all then adjourned to the hotel dining room for a good meal and drink.   A good night all around thanks to Slag.    On, on,,,,,Tutti


Master Farter's Redlynch Ramble - run 2135

A decent sized pack turned up to run around Redlynch. We haven't been in this area for a while so it was almost like new hash territory with all the new subdivisions. The pack of walkers and runners split early with 1 lot going left and the other lot going right - were we ever going to meet up ??

I can only reflect on the run side as it had road run, shiggy run, train track run, canal run, new subdivision run, jumping fences run and lots of running in the dark. Great trail and lots of markings. Xtratctit and Mole' opted for the easy run home instead of going in the dark and shiggy with Pro and Supa. Good choice !!

The run scored somewhere between 1 & 10 from both walkers and runners and the hare was dully charged.
There were numerous other frivolous charges, Koty, Prickle, Pro, Mole' Supa, Madam Slash, Swampy and we even had a Virgin!! Master Farter was finally awarded the POW shirt - after coveting it for so long. .
Great nosh and a great run - ON ON Master Farter  


Mole at Bunnings - run 2134
Extractit's Turn - run 2133

Prickle & Helmet's Easter Run - run 2132

Holiday run so start at 5 pm, the website said…..oh, well some of us forgot but still got there in time to set off with hashers who actually got it right, however, some did not!!!  The trail went toward the highway, then on the overpass and down into the eastern side of the highway to the drink stop.   Very pleasant walking in the hour before the sun set. Nice and cool and torches weren’t needed.   Only a small, but enthusiastic, group of hashers but we all enjoyed the run and the company.

Weed was charged for hanging back and walking with the harriettes – thanks Weed, all the latecomers were charged with alzheimers, DQ was awarded the little item, and Mole presented Spread’em the large item for pretending she now has and Aussie accent.
Mole handed out rego forms for Croc Nash Hash 2019.
Nosh was delicious lamb roast and veges, with the traditional English ‘spotted dick’ with custard for desert…..yummy!   Thanks Prickle and Helmut.
On, On,  Tutti.


D Q ‘S    DANCE  AROUND  THE  SUBURB - run 2131

The Hare instructed ‘down there and up the hill’ so off we went following all the arrows – some went up the hill and far away only to return on a false trail.    Down, down we went across the bridge at the creek and then up and around and down through the thick grass. Pro and Supa were seen being chatted up by the police, possibly because they were both wearing white singlets and under-shorts!!!   Eventually we arrived back at the keg but it seemed we had lost Pro and our visitor (Beaver Creeper) from Syracuse, NY, but they had gone on some extra little run and finally arrived back.    Good run most agreed and I think it was awarded a 5.   Many frivolous charges ensued and then we all enjoyed a tasty nosh of chicken and vegetable curry – well done DQ.


Master Farter's birthday run - run 2130
No notes or photos.

Twisted Sista & BT - run 2129
Beautiful sunset compliments of Cyclone Debbie which was doing its stuff further south.

SLAG’S  PUB  RUN - run 2128

Nice idea, not new to HHH really, that we should have a Pub Rub from the Hambledon Hotel in Edmonton……as so we did, however about and hour before the Run the heavens opened and we had water, water everywhere!    The hashers arrived, dripping wet and would have been quite happy staying in the bar, but no, after the meal orders were lodged we all set off, some with raincoats, some with umbrellas and all with very wet feet.

Not a long run and the circle was held at one end of the bar, NOT at Ravizza Park as specified in the notes and then we all adjourned to collect our very tasty meals in the dining room.    Well done Slag.

SUPA’S    CITY    STROLL - run 2127
Another balmy night in Cairns and the small band of hashers were instructed to follow the shredded paper trail, even though we had to cross the dangerously busy roads at times, so be careful’ was the watchword from the Hare.    The runners quickly faded into the wild blue yonder and the walkers paced it out around the Showground, and further – for some – others decided ‘on home’ was a good option, for a cool drink.   Eventually the pack regathered, downing a few coldies and chatting when Twisty noticed that BT had not returned.  We all settled back in our chairs and decided to wait another 10 mins or so before Mole and Helmet drove off to scour the roads – to no avail!  Much consternation about who lost BT, who should have kept an eye on where she was,  etc, etc and then the Hare received a call to say she managed to find her way to a friend’s house near Central Shopping Centre and would wait there until Twisty could collect her after the run.

The usual circle was held with Bullseye awarding the ‘shirt’ to Twisty, who also received the long wooden item.   Bit more discussion about the misplacement of BT and it was decided that as she has no sense of direction, and is prone to getting lost, would be well advised to carry her mobile phone with her on all the runs so she would be able to tap into a map of the area, or that rescue could be achieved if needed.   Mole advised there would be a meeting on Wednesday at the Cape York Hotel regarding election of office bearers for the Croc Run in 2019.

Wot no lasagne at Supa’s run!!!!!  However the chicken and lovely salads were very tasty and enjoyed by all.

On, on,


No Nickers - a touch of Deja Vu - run 2126

It really was a touch of deja vu as we met once again at the home of Not Yet & No Nickers. A few more hashers than last week but a lot of people are still away.
Off on trail we went, well marked trail with chalk and in case it rained sticky tape round poles.

Back at the keg, returnees were welcomed back and Big Bang was welcomed a visitor from Trinity Hash. No Nickers was down downed with the usual "hare" song.

Defeatus decided he had a hologram on his forehead disguised as beer cap, not quite sure why!!

Mistress and Mole played dueling penises - because it was good fun, great nosh was enjoyed after some classic Mae West quotes from Big Bang.

Not Yet at His Place - run 2125
It was an extremely small group of hashers that turned up at the home of Not Yet & No Nickers. Off went the two runners and off went the five walkers! Round through the streets of Mooroobool and through parks and scrub we didn't know existed.

Back at the keg, Master Farter gave the runners report and gave it a score of ..yesss. DQ gave the walkers report and scored it ...nooo Which gave a total score of mmmm.
Down downs were taken including charges for everybody seeing there was only a few of us. The hare was down downed by a choir conducted by our very own assistant choir mistress, none other than DQ.

Great nosh followed with steak onion and salad. The run next week is back here with No Nickers as the hare

Chopper in Freshwater - run 2124
A lot of Hashers are away this week at Nash Hash so it was a depleted group that met at Chopper's place in Freshwater. The trail is marked on chalk, said Chopper so off we went with our sole runner Master Farter guiding the way. Trail was lost and then found and we eventually arrived back at the keg. This is when the feast started, there was sausages and chicken nibbles, pate and biscuits and a huge platter of fresh fruit.
The circle eventually got underway with the usual charges and presentation of awards. We were then treated to roast lamb with all the trimmings, what a spread. Chopper's birthday was acknowledged with a rousing rendition of Hashy Birthday. To those who did not make it you missed a really good night!

Helmet & Prickle at their place - run 2123
A hot and sticky night as we met at Helmet and Prickles home in Forest Gardens. Off we went, the trail is on chalk and shredded paper. Down into the creek bed we went where Fiddler performed a spectacular swan dive and hit the deck with an almighty bang. Having made sure Fiddler was OK we all continued. Up hills and more hills and more hills. A false trail at the top of one hill only had one thing going for it, it was downhill until the next up.
Back at the keg Super Stalk gave the runners report and said that the run was a typical Helmet run, up hill and more uphill and when we are coming down it is still uphill. This summed up tonight's run which was a bit challenging for most of us.

A visitor from England, Her Fault, was welcomed.
Charges were laid including one for Fiddler for "attention seeking activities"
Awards were awarded and we all enjoyed the lovely nosh where we were joined by another visiting Hasher, Cougar bait who comes from Canada. He had been diving today so could not make the run but joined us in time for a drink and nosh.

On on to next week's run at Chopper's who has promised a short run and extra food and drinks to celebrate his birthday.
AGPU 2017 - run 2122

A host of hashers gathered at the Kneetrembler Palace on a sunny afternoon, yes our RA had told the rain to bugger off for a few hours while important ‘things’ were to be done, and we were soon sent on our way for a run/stroll around the confines of West Cairns.
Some of the wiser walkers opted for a shortcut after traipsing around drains and roads and happily returned ‘on home’ however the carefree runners, including some braver walkers, carried on to view the shopping centre and more roads and drains, returning in a very sweaty condition…….hurrah for the lovely pool for a cool down!

Our GM called on Mofl as a stand-in for the Hare to  receive the accolades for the run but she mistakenly thought she was to give a run report and gave it a 4/10, after a bit of  toing and froing, Masterfarter reported that it was a long run, with no creeks to cross and gave it a 3/10.  This scribe is not sure if that makes it a 7/10 run or not !!

Returnees:  ManuManu, Retard, TP, Chopper, StillComing, Big Bazza, Pecker, Plucker, PissPot, and a visitor from Broome Complete Flop.
Charges:   Guv for damaging a shirt;    Not Yet for creating his own trail;  DNA for not only NOT in hash attire but wearing her shirt inside-out (go figure);  Swampy and NomdePlume for (as usual) loving up all the dogs they met on the run; BT for trying to resemble a runner;   Kotex for gossiping about Defeetist; 49er and Farcanel for running in the circle; Kneetremble for not understanding water levels;  Defeetist for wearing ‘that shirt’ (which Mole again tried to rip off him);  Supa for being honourable …what the!

Raffles were won by DNA and Legless.       Shirt of Shame awarded by Spreadem to Kotex for something or other;  Tit of the Week to Madam Slash for wingeing about the long run;   POW to Defeetist just because we can.  NomdePlume would not award the little silver POW because she likes it soooo much.

On a more solemn note,  our RA reported that sadly Deep Throat from Geelong, had passed away and our thoughts of sympathy went out to Wait-a-While and family as we sang a Hymmm.

Defeetist handed over the floor to Kneetremble who called out the present committee so that we could thank them for their services and then Mole presented quick resume of the finances – we spent $16,006  over the year with about $11,000 of that being for grog, other expenses were for food, trailer rego and repairs etc, leaving a balance of about $900.07 in the bank, and then she advised that the statements could be examined ‘over there’ if you wish to do so.    Thanks were given to Slag for the great job he did for the year and then Kneetrembler called for nominations for the various committee positions for the coming year.

The new committee is listed on the Committee page. This is your new Committee for the coming year and we all thank them for taking up these positions of responsibility on our behalf.

Photos of the new Committee were taken and then everyone adjourned to the wonderful nosh that Kneetremble and Cowrie had presented……..well done!  

On, on,  Tutti


49er in Brinsmead - run 2121

A large group of hashers met at Loridan Reserve for tonight's run. The run is on chalk, different colours, shredded paper and possibly toilet paper the hare said. Off we went down Brinsmead Road and into the soccer fields which is where it all came unstuck, nobody could find trail. Super, who had been to SpecSasvers eventually found trail and off we all went, through bushes and across the creek. Drink stop at the Red Beret and it was then back to keg.

Visitors, AussiePiffy and AussieWiffy were welcomed, they have not run Hash for 20 years so it was about time they did! Sodome turned up and so did Captain F and Success.

Charges were laid including a couple for Mole, who apparently hadn't been to SpecSavers! Nomi was presented with the award which she promptly passed to Slag. Nosh was served and it is on on to the AGPU next week.


Master Farter's cycle track run - run 2120

A very small bunch turned up for Master Farter's run at the cycle track at Smithfield, it is too hot, too many mossies were some of the excuses for not turning up. Yes, it was hot, VERY hot and yes there were mossies but also a brilliant run.

Master Farter had not set trail but gave us all a "map" which until it was explained did not mean a thing. It was a guide to turning left or right at the various named trails as we made our way through the mountain bike trail. Bits of paper in hand we set off. All went well until we came to Ring Road where a few hashers decided they were going back. The rest of the walkers, all four of us, continued on but unfortunately read the directions wrongly and missed a bridge. We decided to make our own trail and eventually got back home. All except Extractit who struck out on her own determined to find trail, which she eventually did and arrived back at the keg, very hot but happy!!

Super gave the run report, brilliant run and Extractit, as the only walker to finish the run echoed this.

Charges were laid including charging the short-cutters especially Masterbate who took out his phone to use the GPS to find the shortest way back! Slag showed us an award that a careless/forgetful Townsville hasher had left lying around after a Townsville run. Mofl was charged for hiding behind the camera!

Great nosh followed so it is now on on to next week's run!

Fiddler at Home - run 2119

Quite a large group of hashers met at Fiddler's abode on the Esplanade at Holloways Beach. Fiddler described the run as being set on shredded paper but she wasn't sure if it was still there or had blown/been washed away. "Never mind" said Super Stork "we will blunder blindly around as usual" Off we went into the mossie infested wild of Holloways. Here and there we trailed and eventually came to the drink stop, as described, at the IGA. On the return to the keg a Harriette was heard to remark "I am flying, look the mossies are carryng me away!"

Back at the circle and Crunchy Crack was welcomed back as a visitor, Nomi returned from colder climes and Royal T popped up from somewhere as did Masterbate.

Charges followed including one for Twisted Sista who could not drink along so drank with the two "Masters" Master Farter and Masterbate. DNA was charged for not being able to dress herself properly with her T shirt on back to front.

A reminder from Weed for the Nash Hash meeting on Wednesday and it was time for tasty nosh, thnaks Fiddler.

Slag and Bullseye’s run - run 2118 (or Potato)

- Henley Park with the locked toilets and no lighting.

Well what can I say about the weather gods. Slag tells me he and Bullseye spent hours and hours wandering around trying to set the perfect hash trail with just the right amount of hills, shiggy and water crossings only to have the rain gods appear just before the run and wash away all chalk marks, only leaving small puddles of shredded paper to follow.
With 20 minutes before the run the skies cleared but NO the hare refused to re-set the run on the bases that he had run out of chalk the road was wet and chalk would not stick anyway.
After a few mumbles from Slag as to where we might look for trail the pack set off down the train line. Confusion reigned at the first train bridge with some harrietts not sure of the crossing so this was where the pack split. Helmet decided to lead the harrietts on his own trail. Yes we all know where that would lead so Not Yet tagged along to cramp his style.
Wandering along Carnation Drive we could hear the call of Dancing Queen, Are we there yet,
I think there is a short cut down this road, but with the conversation between Moffle and Two T Fruity hotting up about their previous boyfriends and their love lives there was no way the walkers pack wanted to shortcut in case we missed something.
Not Yet bravely lead the pack through the ghettos and across Moody creek and on to Mulgrave road and on home. We had no idea where the real run went or where the drink stop was but nobody cared as we had a good walk and it did not rain on the run.
The RA was charged for organising the rain before the run instead of during it, the hares were charged for not setting an all-weather trail, Dancing Queen for doing the longest shortcut she has ever done, Not yet for taking the pack through the ghettos and pretending he knew where he was going.
Nosh was chicken nibbles and rice cooked by Bullseye  and not Slag as there was no fish involved.  All up, atop night despite the weather.

ON ON Not Yet

PRO’S RUN - THE FIRST FOR  2017 - RUN 2117

“The rain has probably washed out trail” said Pro as he carefully handed out maps to a few hashers, with further instructions to turn left at Piccalo’s Bridge……yes, that’s right, down into the long grass, snakes, and water.    Trail was quickly lost by most of the group and Pro was seen to be running backward and forward checking up to see who survived!   Supa Stork located and felt a stinging bush but the pack managed to struggle through puddles and canefields to arrive home in one piece.

Spread’em, Not Yet and Pussy Shaver were the only hashers with enough energy left to have a swim in the pool, while the rest enjoyed a cool drink trying to cool down.    Supa gave a run report saying it was an excellent run and awarded 10/10 but with a deduction of 8 because of the stinging bush….so 2/10.  The walkers added a few points……not sure why……and so it became about 4/10.   Only a few frivolous charges and Twisted Sista was presented with the little silver award for some reason or other.

Tasty nosh of chicken pieces and fried rice, with a vegetarian dish, was served, followed by ice-creams.   Next week the run will probably be at the KFC park on Mulgrave Road but Slag advised us to consult the website for confirmation.  Thanks Pussy Shaver and Pro.

On, on,  Tutti


Weed & Mole's Christmas Recovery run - run 2116
Sorry, no photos or notes!!

Christmas Run - run 2115
We all met at the Cape York Hotel, suitably attired for a Hash Christmas run. There was Santa and Mrs Claus attended by Santa's Helper. There was an elf and a huge range of other fancy costumes.

Master Farter was the live hare so off we went round the streets of the city much to the amusement of some locals and visitors alike.

On to the circle with lovely snacks and drinks.
Charges were laid, too numerous to mention. We had virgins from Scotland & Cairns and visitors including Major from Fiji resplendent in his Gold Rush Nash Hash.
Back at the Cape York Hotel and the fun continued along with drinks from the bar.
There was a visit from Santa.
Time for Nosh including fruit cake.
Merry Christmas Everyone
Swampy & DNA - run 2114

The rain stayed away from Swampy and DNA's run at Trinity Beach. A light breeze was blowing as we made our way along the well marked trail around the suburb.

Back at the circle we had visitors, virgins and returnees along with charges from the run including one for Swampy whose crime was to run out of chalk while setting the trail. Come on Swampy - you only set it three times because of the rain!! There was also a surprise visit from our own Ninja fresh from her "training" in Townsville along with her minder Retard.

Pro was awarded the "little dick award" and a meal of bangers and onions was enjoyed by all.

On on to next week and our Christmas Party at the Cape York Hotel

Crackpot in Freshwater - run 2113


The gathering hashers were politely told by the Port Authority to move their cars from the PA area or they would be fined, so there was a scattering of people quickly moving vehicles out to the road parks.   Seems though that the parking restrictions only apply from 6 am to 6 pm ??!!???

Anyway, we all regathered for our instructions from the Hare who handed out mysterious envelopes to this one and that, and said make sure you stay in contact to receive your ongoing info.  Wot the!   Kotex found a photo of a police car….hmm, think we should go to the nearby police station where the No2 envelope sent us to the Public Trustee office, and so on………  Well that was the start of the walkers trail and we lost sight of the runners very early on.   However Farcanel was given a 3 out of 10 for his wonderful photography.

Back at the fairly dark circle it was noted that Pro could not find a chair to pinch to sit on and for once had to be upstanding.    Helmet was charged with being a media tart for winning best dressed male at the recent race meeting, and Mole, Masterfarter and one other “un-named” hasher were charged with NOT losing Pro as promised.

Notices:   All Harriettes and Hashmen are invited to the Harriettes 11th Birthday celebration being held at the Bungalow Hotel on Wednesday of this week!     Nostradumarse mentioned for all Hashers to keep in mind the big bash to be held next August in Cooktown celebrating somethingorother!   OK!
Noknickers and (I think) Kneetremble won the raffle prizes.   On, on to Crackpot’s run next week.
Cheers,   Tutti Frutti


Wait - A - While at Kanimbla - run 2111
Madame Slash - run 2110

Mulgrave Madness - run 2100
More Mulgrave Madness

Spreadem at Yorkey's - run 2109

DNA at Clifton Beach - run 2108

Master Farter at Greenslopes Street - run 2107

Mole in Smithfield - run 2106

49'er - run 2105

Extractit - run 2104

Knee Trembler at Kanimbla - run 2103

Pro in Greenslopes Street - run 2102

Defeatus at the "Old Bunnings" - run 2101

Dancing Queens's Suburban Stroll - run 2100

A small but cheerful group of hashers set off ‘that way’ – a vague wave of DQ’s hand indicating trail – yes, down the hill it was with the intrepid members of the group wandering along on the left of road, not Tutti though, she was on the footpath and at the bottom of the hill found the “On Home” sign.    Well that would have been a very short walk so we all soldiered on, across the bridge and into the new development near Isabella School.   The arrows home were soon discovered and we all trooped back up the hill to the keg……best move of the whole stroll.

We welcomed visitor Fog Horn from Bundaberg HHH and his friend Mark (virgin),.and assistant trail setter (no Hash name as yet) but friend of DQ.  The main charge was for the non-walker/runners, namely, DQ, 49’er, Masterfarter and DQ’s friend.  Other charges were made and discussion was held about the absence of our Tasmania hashers who had proposed to conduct the next run, but we have not been advised of just where!?  Please consult the website to see if Defeatus’s run will be moved up a week!!

Soooo,  On, On to somewhere next Monday
Tutti Fuitti


MastaFarter and Chopper - run 2099
Sorry no photos or notes!

Swampy at Smithfield - run 2098
Master Farter & Chopper - run 2097
No notes or photos!!!!

Value Added Super Stalk - run 2096

Manu Manu at Liquid Tiles - run 2095

Graduate at Freshwater - run 2094

Master Farter in Smithfield - run 2093

Madame Slash in the Park - run 2092

Spreadem and Guv - run 2091

Crackpot - run 2090


Amazingly, all hashers obeyed the No Cars in the Park sign and parked along the roadsides, which meant the drinks also had to left down there…….isn’t  fortunate that hashers enjoy a walk, as we all had to go back and forth for a drink.

Nommy sent us all off , “In that direction” with both arms outstretched, which caused a little consternation at first but we finally headed off in the right direction. Passed the caravan park and over the main highway, through a Laneway and on to a very dark park.  Don’t think we lost anyone in there and then out onto the road to go up the hill, then further up the hill, however some shortcutters decided that was enough hills for them and headed ‘on home’.   The rest of the pack went on over the hill above Mofl’s house and a little later the runners were directed on a very well marked trail up another hill.  The walkers trudged on until they found an “On home” sign and thankfully followed the well marked trail home again…….however, Pro decided to take a ‘short cut’ through another park and was quick to realize that this was really a long way around..

Virgins:   Mary turned up for the run
Visitors:  Lassie and Tonto from Mackay;    Piss Pot from Canberra but recently named at Cooktown HHH.
There were many charges, mainly aimed at Pro, and Farcanel informed us of Not Yet’s mishap (fell of the roof of his Mother’s house) because he wasn’t present last week when we had all discussed it.   Not Yet is home from hospital and able to get about a bit on crutches but should imagine he is in a lot of pain from a cracked tail bone.
Nommy provided us with a pleasant nosh of ham, tomatoes, green beans and onions on fresh bread rolls, and Tutti brought along a fruit cake to share to celebrate her birthday.

Please see a flyer (soon to be posted) re the ‘away weekend’ at the Little Mulgrave area at the beginning of November, and a reminder that it is Nommy’s Harriettes run Wednesday next week from Arnold St, Aeroglen.

On, on.    Tutti

49er at the Village Green - run 2088

Retard at Reed Road - run 2087
Sorry - no notes or photos this week!

Wait A While at His Place - run 2086

Nostrildumbass and Xtrackit dig it - run 2085

Groper at the Real Estate - run 2084

Slag's Turn - run 2083

Masta Farta & Retard at JCU - run 2082
Masta Farta in Whitfield - run 2081

Mole at Kewarra - run 2080

Graduate at Centaur Park - run 2079
The park that Graduate chose for her run has the name and a memorial to the Australian Hospital Ship Centaur which was attacked and sunk by a Japanese submarine off the coast of Queensland, Australia, on 14 May 1943. The Centaur’s wreck was discovered on 20 December 2009, located about 30 nautical miles off the southern tip of Moreton Island.
The park was a little bit hard to find for some including Slag, so no keg before the run! Off we went through new Hash territory following chalk and strips of green material, very nice environmentally but hard to see on the trees when it got dark.
Back at the circle Supa Stalk took control and the Hare was down downed, charges laid including one for the front runners in the walkers pack for not seeing a green strip which Chopper swears was at the last 3ft long. Koty was charged for squealing when a small cane toad dared to cross her path, scaring the heck out of MOFL, Koty not the toad!
Helmet was convinced the bin tried to attack him making him drop a bottle!!
Returnees were returned. A very enjoyable nosh followed as we sat around under the stars.

DQ at The Palace - run 2078
A fast-paced walk around the suburbs was tonight's run except for Super Stalk who was the lone runner until Pro eventually turned up.
Back at the circle visitors from Perth were welcomed, Twisted Sista was welcomed back and charges were laid as usual including one for Slag who had tried to convince the whole pack that we should follow him!! A shirt-look-alike charge was also laid.
Nosh was eaten before a cake appeared to celebrate Crackpot's birthday

Pro at Little Mulgrave - run 2077

Legless in Harley Street - run 2076

It is not often we get a choice in Hash but this week was different.  A very small group of hashers met at a new venue at the end of Harley Street, Kamerunga for a run by Legless with Master Farter as the Hare.  This where the choice came in – you can choose to walk or run, you can choose, if you are a walker, to go over the bridge or not go over the bridge, three trails have been set!!!
This Harriette opted for no bridge so a group of us set off across the paddocks, past the dump shop, out to the arterial road, took our life in our hands as we made our way to Stony Creek Road where we found Master Farter perched high on a stool on a rock with the drink stop – original to say the least.
Back along the pathway to the keg where the circle got underway, with the rain threatening at any minute.
Charges were laid, including one for Koty – something to do with a fishing comp she managed to win.  Returnees were welcomed and the raffle was won by Crackpot and Pro.
Nosh was served and eaten just as drizzly rain started, a great run in a new venue

Helmet & Prickle at their place - run 2075
Forest Gardens was the venue for this week's run. The small group of hashers was swelled in number by quite a few visitors/virgins.
The trail was marked on chalk and shredded paper so off through the suburbs we ran. Well marked trail with the runners and walkers splitting after a welcome drink stop.
Back at the keg and Dickless and Margaret from Sweden were welcomed as was Bung Hole, Jenny and another Harriette whose name escapes me! Helmet was down downed with a score of 0 for the run, the runners report gave a score of 4.5 and the walkers report a score of -4.5!!
Koty was charged for introducing Jenny as a virgin when in fact she had run before back in the dim dark past that only Far Canal with his advancing age and long memory could remember.
Pro was charged for being late to the circle - he was still in the pool and Master Farter was charged for something or other!!
Nosh followed, tasty salads and chicken followed by fruit cake. Thanks Prickle and Helmet.

Swampy at Palm Cove - run 2074
A small but enthusiastic group of hashers met at the BBQ area in Palm Cove hoping it was not going to rain! In the absence of the GM, Ass GM and goodness knows who else the RA became the stand in GM. Off we went on a trail marked with chalk and toilet paper. Through the suburb we charged, along footpaths, tracks beside creeks that crocodiles inhabit, beaches and new suburbs that haven't made it yet and back to the keg.
Swampy was charged in the usual way, she really enjoyed her down down!!
Visitors Bo Peep and Juggler were welcomed, we did have another visitor, Flash, who decided not to come to the circle!!
Charges were laid including one for Gav for trying to tap dance all over Slag, just because a curlew had leaped out of the bushes to attack him!!
Nomi New Shoes welcomed her new shoes to Hash in the traditional way!!
Nosh was served, a lovely vegetarian mild curry with crusty bread - Thanks Swampy (p.s. the rain held off)

Leaping at Stratford - run 2073

Well, it is not going to happen again until 2044!  What isn’t?  29th February falling on a Monday!  It happened this week and a great group of hashers met outside the Barron River Hotel for the Leap Run.
As the GM needed to know the run number, the same as he always does, so he asked MasterFarter, nothing different you might say only tonight it needed a phone call as MF was “up the Cape”  That taken care of our GM read instructions from the run from the Hare Super Stalk who also could not be with us!!
Off we went following trail of chalk and shredded paper, up hills and through scrub we went, the runners went up a bigger hill.  Back to the keg and the circle got underway.
No Milf, a visitor from Uruguay gave the run report and gave a score of 8.  TeePee gave a walkers’ report and also gave a score of 8 so 8 minus 8 gave a very respectable score of 0 for our absent Hare.
Knee Trembler was the stand in hare for a down down, Charges were laid and visitors and returnees welcomed.
Then it was over to the hotel for a Leap Year meal and what lovely food it was combined with good service.

On on to Swampy’s run at Palm Cove next week.

Crackpot at Machans Beach - run 2072

"It was a great night.... and the nosh... excellent!!" was how the night was described by Nomi


Master Farter in Whitfield - run 2071

The run is marked on chalk and orange tape said Master farter as he got us on our way.  Turn back at the gate if you don’t want to do it all!!
Off we went around the hills of Whitfield and I mean hills!  We came to the gate which marked the beginning of the Green Arrow and the track up the Whitfield Range.  Up we went until the trail branched off to the left, through scrubland and a welcome drink stop.  Down from The Peak we came and back to the keg.
Back at the circle the hare was down downed, a great run and very well marked!
Charges followed, including one for Graduate and Legless for 69’ing and for Slag for getting it all wrong and doing a 96!   Runs of course – what else were you thinking??
Mofl was charged for trying to convince TeePee that there were no hills.  DQ, Retard, Guv and TeePee were charged –just because. Retard was awared the Shirt.
The theme for the Leap Year run on 29 February is “anything leaping” so use your imagination!
Fiddler reminded us about the Wild West for Easter.
Nosh was enjoyed and another hash night ended.

AGPU 2016 - run 2070

A good roll-up for the AGPU, on a very humid evening, at Kneetrambler’s establishment and the ‘word’ was “the trail is marked on white chalk arrows and shredded paper and it is on- right from the house and I’m sure you will find the trail OK”.     Well we all did find trail along the water-ways of Earlville, with the runners fast disappearing  into the distance.    The main comment from the run was that it was too long in the very steamy weather………….wot are our weather men doing to us!     Lots of nibbles and dips with lovely cool watermelon were available on our return and most hashers  cooled off a bit in the pool.

Kneetrembler opened proceedings by requesting a run report from Pro.  His reply was that he was too dehydrated to give a report due to the heat and lack of ready drinks for the runners immediately on the completion of the run.  Then a strange thing happened, our few resident NZ born kiwis were dragged out for a down-down to celebrate Waitangi Day……….even stranger as Waitangi day was the 6th……. and there was mention about some football game having been contested in NZ
Kneetrembler then called a photo take of the outgoing committee and then called for nominations of the various positions now available.   The upshot of it all was:-

GM  Defeatus
Assistant GM 49 er
Hash Cash   Kotex
 Assistant Hash Cash  Fiddler
RA   SupaStork
Hon. Sec.   Mole
Hash Booze   Retard
Assistant Hash Booze Slag
Hare Raiser Masterfarter
Choirmaster Retard
Haberdash   Fiddler
Webpage   Mofl

Then they all trooped back up to get a photo of the incoming committee- really a ‘spot the difference’ exercise.

Crackpot handed over the ‘wooden article’ to Helmet – something to wheeling a bicycle wheel along!?!!! Someone was presented with a Keep Left sign so they remember to avoid them in future!!
Some discussion was then held about the bus trip out to Normanton at Easter and I believe a deposit must be provided at next Monday’s run to ensure numbers.    
Nosh was served, and many thanks to all those hashers that brought a full plate of food to the table.
On, on,   Tutti
All  E & O’s to be reported to someone who may have a better memory than me!


Royal T - run 2069    

A reasonable size pack ignored the hot humid weather and turned out for Royal T’s run from his abode along the Esplanade.  It is marked on chalk and shredded paper we were told as we headed off.  A large group of walkers stuck with 49er who seemed to have inside info – I wonder how??
Along the streets we went, up to the Botanical Gardens and through to the new Chinese garden where Royal T sat meditating with a welcome drink stop.  Back to the circle and we all opted to sit outside and not in the hot humid garage.
A low key circle took place with most people sitting down.  The hare was down – downed, charges were laid, Slag won Run of the Month and Koty presented the shirt to Defeatus, good choice.
Yummy food, complete with chocolate cake!  On on to the AGPU next week at Knee Tremblers!

Fiddler in the Rain - run 2068
A good size crowd of hashers met at Fiddler's on the beach at Holloways. The trail is marked on shredded paper, said Fiddler, as she sent us on our way.  Here and there and there and here through bushes and streets we went until we came back to the beach.  No surely the run cannot go back towards keg – but – yes it did.  Only Fiddler could get away with having the drink stop at the keg and then sending the hashers, well most of them, off again on the run even though it had started raining
Back at the circle, charges were laid, Nostrildumas and Extractit for PDA, as well as a charge for all those not born in Australia seeing the next day was Australia Day.
Koty presented DQ with THE Shirt – something to do with her sex life – won’t go there!
Nosh was served and eaten and another good hash night came to a close.

49er on her Birthday - run 2067

Runners 7/10
Walkers 6/10
Drink stop at Barron river pub
49r for starting a wet t shirt comp
Retard for short cutting
Retard again for running to drink stop
Masta farta for following the gms wrong directions
Wiggles reversed for accusing mole for no hash shirt
Guv for gm t shirt impersonation
All trinity hash runners charged for showing up
Spreadem relieved of the wooden mic to Crackpot for scoring runs too high

Koty at Forest Gardens - run 2066
Great run - wonderful nosh - what more could you want??

Slag's Mossie Run - run 2065

Trail was from the hockey grounds round to the cemetery and back again Walkers gave 6/10 Runners gave 4/10 Visitor 'Hog' from Darwin

Charges from the run, nostrildumbarse and Retard for the matching bum bags, Masta Farta for hair loss, Crack Pot for crossing out trail.

Nosh was very nice, followed by cake to celebrate Slag's bday. Sorry for short note I need to take a pen. Cya next week

Mole Beats the Rain at Trinity - run 2064

Only the very brave (or foolhardy) turned out for the last run of the year to fight the storms/weather /impending cyclone at Trinity Beach. It was echoed that it was the finest run of the year/decade/century.

Mole' led the pack in and around the beachfront and backstreets praying that the heavens didn't open at any time soon. The tour included the local wildlife wallabies, ducks, plovers and lurking somewhere in the shadows was a crocodile (probably). It even included spying the current RA having dinner at a local restaurant with his harem. That's a bit rude when it was a hash night and it was now obvious that he preferred the company of 2 buxom wenches over the delightful Cairns HHH pack.

After this the pack took a democratic vote and it was off to the Pub for a drink stop.
At least it wasn't far to get back to the nibbles and circle.  The run scored brilliant 9.9 out of 10 so it must have been a fantastic run set by Mole'. Just desserts for all her hard work! You bastards are sorry you missed it . Even the GM woosed out,  so the circle started with a stand in GM in Kneetrembler. There was a coup and he was upsurged by Slag about half way through  - Slag for GM!! Who would have thought.

Charges were laid to the Hare Mole` and returnees Captain F###er and SucCess who were charged again for short cutting the run and going straight to the pub and then again for announcing that they are getting married in April. Another hash wedding?? There were other charges to Retard, Crackpot, TP, Koty and maybe more but memory started to fail at that time.

Great BBQ nosh and salads and even fruit cake for desert and no rain on the run so 2015 finished off well.
On On Till next year!!


Christmas Run - Cape York Hotel - run 2063

MOFL at Glenoma Park - run 2062

Hosted by mofl at the glenoma park, very well received run, runners score of 7/10 and a walkers score of 3.5/10.
visitors; cowboy from Townsville, Christina with green brick and Swampy as returnees.
charges from run included multiple surrounding dairy queens knickers, pro's sports bra, teepees stress at a potential for defetus as son in law material,
masta farta for non hash shirt, cowboy for un matching socks, the removal of signs for strictly self defense purposes and choppers broken chair.
announcements were hash Christmas doo, for next week at the Cape York hotel and this weeks trinity run.
nosh was provided by host mofl and was excellent.

TeePee at the Rocks - run 2061

TeePee’s run so she told us where the run went! – no way – Retard had set the run and promised no water, no shiggy etc – everything a hashers could lie about!
Off we went and after a bit of trouble actually finding trail we headed over the causeway to the other side of the creek, past a large dead, evil smelling snake.  Through the bushes with the trail marked with shredded paper and across the creek for one of a few crossings.  This is where this Harriette left trail – one crossing is enough for me!!
The run went over the creek a few more times, some hashers got lost and were found on the way back!! We even found Grouper!
Back at the circle (eventually)  Chopper gave the run a respectable 4 with the remark it seemed like a run in Thailand where he lives.  Helmet gave it a 1 mainly because he got a large flying something in his eye.  No Helmet pterodactyls are extinct!!!
Charges were laid, returnees returned, and paraphernalia was awarded, Pro got the shirt for complaining and Slag the talking stick.

More charges and an epic fail with the four glasses rack with Prickle nearly drowning herself in beer.
Nosh was eaten, tasty sausages with or without gravy and a yummy salad.  A great evening!

Knee Trembler at His Place - run 2060

Farcanal in Wharf Street - run 2059

PRO got to the gathering 20 minutes early and was miffed that no one noticed that he wasn’t late. Anyway when he finally stopped on-telling us, there we were still like the proverbial shags on the rocks, within sight and smell of the wharves of the Cairns Inlet, with a near-full moon and the plaintive cry of the GM with his never-ending cry like one of the local curlews. We were a round couple of dozen goslings come to the feet of the master only to be told, “Shut the F*ck up!!!”. “Shut the F*ck up!!!”. Anyway it was FARCANNEL’ s run, and what an introduction it was; too short to finish a game of cards, but short enough not to hear all the excuses why there was no chalk or toilet paper. KOTY was in charge of the run photos and did she ever keep them close to her chest. We were a tight little re- group outside Rattle & Hum, but no one had any money for a drink stop.
CHARGES: TUTTI FRUTTI for accusing a bystander for not talking strine.  DANCING QUEEN for doing a 2 metres long run on the walk. 49ER said KOTY told another bystander that it was a bike path and for having a stick thrown her way.[It missed]  KOTY again for saying over and over, “For Gawds sake. For Gawds sake”.  TEE PEE for being told to “ shut yer dawg up” cause “there’s no dawgs at Hash”  DEFEOTUS because the dog didn’t respect the GM, but TEE PEE said all male Hashers are animals at any rate. CHOPPER said KOTY couldn’t count 3 ladies on the walk when there were 4 of them.
RETARD had to do his 4 glass trick but came undone, underbalanced  and crashed across the down-down table; his form of alcohol abuse apparently; but he said that TEE PEE held onto the stiff board too long; a girl has to grab what she can she said.  SLAG drove off and someone thought he went because LEGLESS had knocked him back yet again, but he came back after a while without his shoes. I can’t keep up; too much for a scribe.   A few other charges were lost in translation. CHOPPER, NOMI, MASTER FARTER, and NOSTRILDUMAS had more luck with the 4 glass down-down trick, more good luck than balancement.
The RAFFLE went to 49ER and the hard working HASH-CASH lady. ROYAL T told a joke that he hadn’t got from any Hash websites so no one got it, and NOSTRILDUMASS told a joke that he had made up himself and no one got that either.  DEFOETUS kept the circle going too long by telling us that someone always told him the circle went too long. FARCANNEL got our attention with an armful of pizza boxes to finish the evening.
Royal T scribe.


Mole's Kewarra Kapers - run 2058

Fiddler at Holloways - run 2057

Epic trek through the sand mud, mangroves and park, scored 8/10 from runners, nil walkers report given.
The return of the drinking plank.
Masta farta charged for running the track twice,
Spread em charged for loo break.
Fiddler charged for using markings from another run,
Koty for charged deforestation( breaking Fiddler's tree)
GM Defeatus charged for faking his own death.
Pro starting his own monotanist (hope that's right) party.
Dinner was thoroughly enjoyed by all, followed by ice cream with the almost magic chocolate.
Announcements were; cook town run coming up,
harriets lunch at cazalys,
badges from innot hot springs run available
on on Master Farter


Graduate's Ghostly Run - run 2056

Well, to begin this informative blurb about Graduate’s Halloween Run, TP would like to reveal:

  1. that the Run was fantastic and deserved a score of 8/10 from both runners and walkers
  2. that the nibbles and nosh were fantastic and deserved a score of 50/10 due to Graduate’s excellence in culinary skills
  3. that the venue totally befitted the Halloweenity of the occasion with webs, lanterns and skulls and
  4. that the keg master was grumpy about the deposition of bottles and cans in his dirty vehicle.

Now, there IS a mistake in the above paragraph and that mistake is that this is NOT an informative blurb.  Whilst points 1) 2) 3) and 4) are totally correct, the following composition consists of a fuzzy recollection of the evening’s events because the author was not aware that she would be volunteering her supreme intelligence to put words together that accurately relate the usual HHH rituals such as run reports, trumped up charges, vague announcements and other extremely interesting mundane stuff.
So, here are more points that may be true, or more likely are not true,

  1. Cashed-up gave a very detailed run report
  2. 49er received the Wooden Penis so that RoyalT can have a rest
  3. Mole was still snufflingDefoetus was celebrating that he had slept with Jennifer Love-Hewitt
  4. Charges went to KT, Wait-a-While and Retard for actions that upset the more sensitive HHHers (Lifeline may help these poor chargers).

I do recall correctly that it was a good night.

Terrific Person


There we were, under the spreading fig tree and surrounded by the ghosts of lively times past at the Old Smithfield Cemetery, where horses were shed with gold, the taverns never ran dry and the best ladies never slept. And what a happy mob were us, decked out in Halloween clobber, under the cobwebs and lit by flickering lanterns vainly trying to keep the dark away. However, amongst the joy there is always a control freak who says, “ Is there a run tonight?”  in the usual thin reedy plaintive  voice.  So GRADUATE explained the run which was set with chalk, rice, and toilet paper. Good choice, raw brown rice; it reminded me when I set it with cooked rice because WEED said it was more visible, but it wasn’t very visible at all, because the wildlife ate it. 
A merry clip to the drink stop, which was vegetarian guava, and which lubricated us up a very leafy steep short hill. Some undignified Hashers crawled up on all fours, but the dignified ones climbed up at an obtuse angle. A don’t mind a short walk and this one didn’t disappoint me.
You can tell when a club becomes mature; we all sit down in the circle. There was a visitor, ANKLE, and returnees who had only missed a week or so. And we were into the charges too many to mention.
A good night put on by GRADUATE.  A well-marked run that scored 10/10, or was it 10/20, and lots of good food for the carnivores and for the thin ones.
Royal T

and last but not least the W..... shirt enjoying its holiday in Phuket and Khao Lak

Royal T at Machans Beach - run 2055

Not Yet at His Place - run 2054
Sorry, no notes or photos this week.

Spread 'em at Holloways - run 2053
It is surprising where Hashers get to when they travel!!

DQ/SLAG’S ‘DARK RUN’ run 2052

Numbers attending were down probably due mainly to it being a holiday weekend, and maybe because some footy celebratory hangovers, however the keen hashers were advised that trail was marked on white chalk arrows (how original) and some shredded  paper, and Slag also warned that we were in for a brisk walk to complete the rather long course in an hour.   Off we went down the hill and across the park to the bridge where Tutti turned off, leaving Twisty and Rubber Dick to chase after the briskly walking pack.

After about an hour Defeatus arrived back to wait for Manu Manu who was not too far behind him.   Hashers gradually all arrived back saying it would have been better to have set the run in reverse so that the park (in the dark) section was up first, and the footpaths were at the end.  On a quick count we realized Twisty and RD were missing and it was decided that Defeatus would search on foot along the trail, and Slag would drive his mobile drink stop around some of the roads.   Happily Twisty and RD wandered in on their own a little later and we were all soon enjoying a drink and nibbles together.

The GM got the circle going and dragged the two hares out the front and Prickle Magnet said the trail was well marked except for the park where they couldn’t find any marks but still gave it a 5……..there was then a deduction of 2 for losing two hashers…..still a 3 out of 10 isn’t too bad!           Of course Twisty and RD had to be charged for getting lost in the dark night; Slag was charged for losing them and DQ was charged for not going out there to find them.     Returnees were Reflux and Manu Manu.

We all thoroughly enjoyed the yummy nosh of corned beef, veggies and white sauce, so thanks DQ for stepping up to the plate and holding the run in lieu of Nostrildumass

On, on,   Tutti

"The Shirt" returns

Super run in Stratford - run 2051
Quite a large group gathered at the home of our RA for this week's run. It is on chalk, the run splits into runners and walkers were the instructions. Off we went round the streets of Stratford where we have been a couple or more times before. Before long we came to a R and an arrow which was taken to be the runners split so the walkers meandered around looking for their trail, eventually finding trail the other side of the road. The walkers only had a short walk for, the reason for this will stay with the RA!!
Back a the circle and where Artful Dodger, from the UK, was welcomed as a visitor, Layback, Twisted Sista and Rubber were welcomed back as were Groper and Mole.
Charges were laid, including one for all POM's for some reason!!
The raffle was drawn and Prickle won a bottle of wine and then managed to pull Helmet's name out the box for the second prize!
Twisted was awarded the talking stick and Groper, Graduate and Spread'um were charged for something or other. Knock Back was farewelled, she is off round the country for a few weeks before returning to Switzerland.
The GM closed the circle and then the fun began. Mole decided that Defeatus had worn his yellow shirt just one too many times so attacked it and him, helped by Spread'um until the GM's shirt was in tatters!!
He wore part of round his head, Ninja style, and vowed "It will be BACK"
We hope not!!!

Nosh was superb as usual, thanks to Mrs Super Stalk once again!

Gov's Turn - run 2049
A good size pack turned up for Gov's run at Holloways Beach, surprising really since the 2050th celebrations were held at the weekend!
Off we went on a well marked trail around the suburb. Back at the circle a run report and a walker's report was given ending up with a score of 10 - what out of is anyone's guess.
Visitors Lost and Found and Half Cut were welcomed with a drink.
Charges were laid both from the weekend and tonight's run.
Thanks were extended to the committee for an excellent weekend away.
Nosh was served and it is on on to next week's run at the abode of Super Stalk.

2050th Celebration run
Click the photo below for all the photos of the fun at Innot Hot Springs

The GM does it! - run 2048
It was the turn of our illustrious GM, Defeatus, to hold a run. He chose a new venue in Macnamara Street and sent us away with the words "the trail was there and then it rained, the trail was there again and then it rained again, it is on shredded paper and Lost and Found style arrows," not a good omen!!
Off we went along Anderson Street and into the bush trail before the cemetery, out along the drain and that is where L&F came in to it, we lost trail, found trail and lost it again. Some turned back, some did follow trail all the way and some took a short-cut even though walking for over an hour!
Back in the circle the GM gave the run report, great run, best this year and awarded himself 10/10. Nostrildumass gave a walker's report, reported the run as sh.t and awarded 2/10.
Returnee's returned and the RA was charged for missing the chance to have heavy rain on the GM's run. Legless was a stand-in L&F charged with a run that mimicked his own - Lost and Found trail!!
The GM then, after giving a long speech, handed over to the RA for a naming. Simona is to be known hereafter, in Hash circles, as Knock Back.
KT was awarded the wank.. shirt by DQ for reasons known only to KT and DQ.
Nosh had been prepared by Teepee and was scrumptious as usual, even down to the decadent strawberries and dipping chocolate.

On on to the away weekend at Innot Hot Springs - HOTorNOT at Innot

Groper's Turn - run 2047

Master Farter's a Virgin Hare - run 2046

A fair size bunch met in Whitfield for Master Farter's first run as a Hare. The run is set on chalk, there is a runner's and a walker's run, they do cross and the walker's is set on white chalk and the runner's on pink. Off we went following a well marked walkers trail until the markings gave up. No worries Master Farter arrived with the drink stop and set us off again in the right direction. Along roads we went and then along a drain. The runners did not do as well, losing trail - pink chalk does not show up in the dark, they missed the drink stop and ended up back at the keg.
Charges followed including one for W.A.W. for letting his car alarm go off not once but twice. Bit hard as he came with KT and did not bring his car!!
Slag managed to get rid of the SHIRT to DQ and the talking stick to someone else, don't ask me who!

Farcanal returned and Ivan and Debbie came for the first time.

Nosh that followed was the best rissoles this side of the black stump, salad and bread rolls. Well done MF but stay away from the pretty pink chalk next time!!


Slag's run in Edmonton - run 2045
No GM or AssGM tonight, no Mole either so we had to make do with the RA as stand in GM!!
The hare said the run was on chalk with no hills, no shiggy and no water and surprisely he was telling the truth! Off we went on a very well marked run/walk around the suburb.
Back at the keg the hare was down downed in the usual way after a run report and walkers report, some complicated maths and a score I cannot remember!
Simona was welcomed as visitor after letting everyone know she was not a virgin! Other charges followed and the circle wrapped up pretty quickly so we could then enjoy lovely bread rolls, roast beef and pork and salads. Thanks Slag.
On on to Master Farter's virgin hare run next week.

Not Yet at Home - run 2044

A large bunch of hashers made there way up the mountain to the home of Not Yet and No Knickers. Well, some took longer to get there than others but that is a later story!
The run was on chalk so off we went, up and down hills through the suburb, some huge houses to oooh over. The run split so the walkers went on their way ably led by Slag until we came to some bush near the railway line, we lost trail so being the hashers we are we made it up and eventually found our way back, past Mr Spock's house and back to Not Yet's

The hare was down-downed after Chopper had given his run report, having asked if we score low or high Chopper sat on the fence and awarded a score of 5.

Manu Manu and Far Canal were returned and it all got a bit much for our GM who spent a bit of time sitting down in the circle while the rabble continued.

MOFL was charged for getting a Court and a Place mixed up and sending Nostridumass off on scenic drive to Brinsmead. Apparently a harriette did the same thing and I quote from this Harriette "If anyone asks you what's the difference between a Close and a Place... tell them about 10km"

Royal T told an appalling joke and nosh was served, very tasty, thanks Not Yet and No Knickers.


W.A.W. in Manunda - run 2043

A pack of 30 turned up at the well-used Blantyre Close abode of our esteemed Wait a while. A jolly and vocal lot they were too.
Out the back gate we spilled and into immediate confusion. A 360 degree check.
So many ways to go few people actually checking.  Surprise, surprise the trail went a surprising way....up the giant drain that runs alongside W.A.Ws abode. And a jolly steep step down into the drain it was too.
The trail meandered here and there and next thing we knew the trail was run  and plaintive calls of DUNNO, the gate. The erstwhile Dunno had stayed behind to helpfully cook the onions and snags for nosh but open the back gate he did.
McTaf’s run report was full of all the usual great urban run. full of views of peoples bathroom windows and the smell of dinners cooking. Some of it was true most of it wasn’t but that’s a run report for you. However a mighty 2 out of 10 was achieved by the hare so all’s right with the world.
Stand in G.M. 49er welcomed returnees:  Super, Stroker, Not Yet, Chopper and Swampy.
Visitors welcomed: Goesdown, TinyTool, MCTAF AND bettyBoop.
DQ promptly charged Weed and TuttiFrutti for starting their own circle(rightly so..)No dissenting in Hash.
Betty charged herself for failing to do the trail and Dancing Queen owned up and charged herself for the same.
Master Farter was charged for something to do with springing up some part of a monkey , or it could be springing up a tree like a monkey, maybe.
W.A.W charged 49er for failing to recognize visiting GMS who promptly took a drink.
W.A.W also charged STROKER for moaning to him about making sure the trail wasn’t too taxing as he (Stroker) had already walked the dog that day.
Kotey charged Super with  a very noticable Media Tart award and how right she was too. Very noticable indeed.
mcTaf charged Weed for failing to inform the hash pack about certain lurking dangers and Not Yet was charged with Viagra abuse.oooh, painful.

Awards were not awarded as they have gone missing and Super and Swampy won the raffle prizes but had to fight over the one prize. Graduate did win the low profile award and Weed won the Pro look alike award for impersonating Pro’s sitting down in the circles abilities. A rowdy and heckle filled circle but fun all the same. Thanks W.A.W.
Notes courtesy:  BettyBoop.


49er at Freshwater - run 2042

The run is on shredded paper, toilet paper and chalk said the Hare as she got us away from the keg at the Freshwater Swimming Hole.  Off along the parkland next to the units we went, so far so good.  The bush got denser and denser and there were trip hazards in the form of vines and wire but over them all we climbed.  Down steep slopes and back up the other sides we went with a bit of help from some of the hashers.  Trail seemed to come to an abrupt halt so we back tracked and once again found trail.  Along the top of Freshwater Creek we went and then trail disappeared again, Defeatus found it, through the creek, the other alternative was over the high railway bridge of the Kuranda line.  No way for either for a few hashers, including this scribe so it was a walk up to the road and back to the keg.
Once back the rest of the walkers and the runners arrived and the circle commenced without the hare, who was nowhere to be seen.  We had a stand-in Hare for the down down and then charges commenced.  The Hare arrived back and the circle continued.
More charges were laid and the charged group went on growing. WAW and Tutti were welcomed back, thanks were extended to Fiddler for hosting Saturday night and the raffle was drawn.

The Run Board is getting a bit sparse so if you haven't done a run recently see Royal T and put your name down - no names no runs!!!!

Full Moon Run - run 2041
A merry band of some 28 or so hashers met at Fiddler's abode at Holloways Beach to celebrate the full moon. We were soon off on the walk along the scrubland bordering the beach then around the suburb including walking through a couple's garden - oops! Weed called first drink stop and it was - back at Fiddler's! Off again through more bushland with signs pointing out the various bushes, trees and birds - who said Hashers were uneducated?
Back at Fiddler's and the circle got underway with a eye looking out for the rising moon. Down to the beach and Dunno used his boy scout skills and got a fire going (with a little - lot - of help? from others) Koty produced some very fine nibbles which we all enjoyed.
The circle continued with the hare being charged for the excellent run, various other charges followed including one for Dancing Queen for actually having a birthday today.
Mole led the charge down to the beach to watch the moon rise.... and then back when the moon did not oblige!
Nostrildamous charged someone or something?? Back down onto the beach as the moon rose over the mountains/low clouds.
The camp fire burned and some hashers sat around it while others went back to the house and the keg.
Dunno was busy cooking while Mole was preparing salads at breakneck speed. Nosh was soon served, a lovely spread of meats, fried onions and salads.

A lovely run, wonderful food, great company and a full moon - what more could we want?

A big thank you for those who worked hard to put on this wonderful run, Fiddler, Mole, Koty, Weed and many others.


Hashy Birthday Prickle Magnet - run 2040

Well what else do you do on your birthday but host a run. Somme 22 hashers turned up to Forest Gardens to help Prickle celebrate her birthday, even Rubber Dick & Twisted Sister found their way there. After instructions from the assistant trail setter (Me-Helmet) the pack set off eagerly to try out the short cut /long way round that had been set for them. What they discovered was that the short cut was in fact longer as it involved crossing a cane train bridge. Sucked In! Most hashers made it to the drink stop apart from Twisted & Rubber who I can only presume were side tracked by each others company, either that or their hashing skills are a bit rusty.
Back at the venue after some nibbles GM Defeetus called the circle to order and called the hare up for a drink twice (once for her Birthday). Main charges were Dunno for thinking we had a new Hasher called Rip Curl, Spread Em for having her picture on the back of a bus and scaring all the little kids and me. Dancing/Diary/Drama Queen for not even attempting to go on the run, Mole` for wreaking Prickles New car by pulling the door handle off when she went with me to the drink stop, and others that I cant remember.
Returnees and Visitors were Twisted Rubber & Write Off. The Stig made a brief appearance but was not summed up for a charge as he was being kept busy with all the Harriettes popping in to see him. One was heard to remark “That’s the closest I’ve been to a man with my knickers round my ankles for years” with a silly grin on her face!
Nosh consisted of Beef & Beer Cobbler, also served up in Gluten free, Vegetarian Pasta and of course Birthday Cake. All in all a good time was had by everyone.
On On Helmet

PS I forgot to mention about Slag (Old age shit creeping up on me) as you can see from the pictures he was the most awarded person on the night, because almost at the end of the run he walked straight into a Keep Left sign, I did not se it personally but was told it was one of those “if only I had been filming it moments”

Mole in Smithfield - run 2039

A band of Hashers, determined to be brave and merry, met on a building site windswept straight from Mawson’s Hut in Antarctica. It was Molè’s run and she started the proceedings with recognition of the traditional owner of the site, namely Superstalk. Amid encouragements of “get control; get control”, Defeatus lapsed into a “Shut the f… up; Shut the f… up” rhythm, which only encouraged the masses. It is lonely at the top, as they say; or is it the corollary about cream rising to the top. Whatever, he was talking to those who personally didn’t give a f……
It was touching to see TeePee helping Pro across every road and intersection, after he came back from the dead to join us again. We have an awesome responsibility to look after those who can’t look to the right and look to the left.  Being now revered, Pro was asked to give a run report and gave it 1.5, a guesstimate unchallenged by the more nimble in our midst. Defeatus was on about Breakaway Circles again, and really went into La La Land when he romanced about Harriettes trying to get into his pants, amidst groans of derision from Snyce,  Mofl, Spreadum, 49er, and all the other Harriettes too numerous to mention.
Handbrake returned for a Down Down, as did Pro, who basked in the attention until Koty started on about, “He didn’t pay last week”.  Nostradumarse came all the way from suburban Cooktown again and protested that he was a regular. 
Koty was charged for giving gratuitous advice on the run, as was Spreadum and Fuckenell. Dunno and Wait a While for talking in the circle. Kneetrembler for sitting in the dark in a recess sheltered from the wind. Nomi for not talking for once. 49er for being 49er as couldn’t think of any charges.
49er finally remembered to bring the hash shirt even though Royal T has put it out every week for her, and she gave it to Nostradumarse for being Nostradumarse.  
Weed did a great job of providing an ideal Hash setting with a burning brazier, a truck for leaning against, and just-right BBQ steaks.  Molè provided some interesting salads with crunchy bits and chocolate gluten-free cake to die for. A most enjoyable evening and a return to the old style Hash nights.  

Retard's Run - run 2038
A cool night, a long run, a visit by Noltrildamous, a Pro "attention seeking stunt" and an usually quiet bunch of Hashers was tonight's run.
Lovely Nosh from TeePee.

Dancing Queen & Reflux - run 2037

Score of -0.2 for run
arguments and charges over 'artism'
Royal T looks like/ lookalike defetus
GM diagnosed as loopy
pool water warm
retard finally charged with something
DQ looking for tenants for her tent/guestroom
49er and retard wine raffle winners
reflux renamed unofficially to refux
bike hash rehash
fullmoon rehash
25th anniversary hash announcement
 a hymn for heavy
suggested support for sister kennel
very well received nosh
notes from mASSta


Snyce in Redlynch - run 2036
A very small band of hashers were either brave enough or silly enough to venture out to Redlynch for Snyce's run. It was wet, not only was it wet it was very, very wet!!
No trail 'cos Dunno reckoned it had been washed away - oh yeh!! Maps were provided and off we went, great fun trying to hold a torch, an umbrella and a map and work out where we were going. Out along the Redlynch roads we went. Past St Andrew's school and turned into Michelangelo Drive, up there and turn right said the map then left into Shaw Road. Along Shaw Road and eventually to Harvey Road, not for the walkers, back along the railway line we came, crossed over the paddock and short cutted back to the circle.
Retard gave the walkers report and scored 7 and a half out of ten. Super gave a lovely version of the runners run which included a swollen creek complete with dead bodies swirling past and dead cows with their feet in the air. I told you it was raining!
Charges were laid including the whole pack for not following trail. Pro was charged for standing in the circle. A charge he moaned and whinged about!
Nosh was a nice hot pasta dish, just what we needed on a cold wet night. Thanks Snyce.

TP at TP's - run 2035
A small group of hashers met at TP's home at Kewarra Beach. Retard soon had us on our way with instructions that the run was on shredded paper, no deep rocky drains and no shiggy!! Oh yeh, this hasher had inside knowledge that the run went down into the creek bed BUT there was a way around it to meet up with trail. Off we went, came to the creek bed and many of us walkers went the "way around" Under the highway we went, along banks of drains, much the annoyance of wallaby that bounded down the drain next to us. Eventually back to the keg and TP was down downed even though she tried to insist it was Retard's run.
The circle got underway with visitors Bo Peep and Juggler and returnee Bernie who was sporting a purple, sparkly plaster caste having broken her wrist during the dangerous sport of gardening. Pro was charged for sitting in the circle, as usual, but the time he excelled himself by sitting in the hot tub!
Charges were laid and the guilty ones were treated to a drink. 49er began a very protracted game of catch the tit - some sort of bonding session maybe?
Bernie was named, she will, for evermore, go by the name of Crackpot. Tutti Fruitie's birthday was celebrated by a melodious chorus of Hashy Birthday.
Tasty nosh was eaten, topped off by home made birthday cake from Tuttie. A great night!!

Legless - at Greenslopes Street - run 2034

A frantic SMS from Legless at 7.30am changing the venue of tonight’s hash from a park with no shelter to the old stand-by of the BBQ area in Greenslopes Street.  A quick change to the web page while Legless continued letting other hashers know.  Something worked as a merry band of hashers turned up at the right place.
Away we went, the run marked on chalk – all washed away and now marked, apparently, with strips of bed sheets from Legless’ bed!!  Original to say the least!  A map was provided and this hasher kept with those who could see the map without glasses!!
Through the gardens we went, past the Lakes resort, over the railway line, diced with death over the highway and settled down to walk along part of the cycle path on the new airport connection road at the end of Lake Street.  Back over the highway, over the million dollar German bridge and back to the keg through the muddy pathways at the base of Mt Whitfield.

Back at the keg the circle eventually got underway after Defeatus had administered to a backpacker who was not very well. An ambulance was called and with the backpacker safely in the hands of the paramedics the circle commenced.

Legless was down-downed in the usual way. Crunchy Crack was welcomed as a visitor and Master Farter, Far Canal, Graduate and Reflux were welcomed as returnees.

Charges were laid including a charge for Legless from Pro for not having directional arrows on her map, not really hard Pro as we were told which direction to head off in and it was a circular route!!

Spread 'em was charged for spreading herself over the back of a bus and a lively rendition of "The Hash Waltz" was laa-laad LAAAD by us all.

The "shirt" was presented to Retard - why not!! Guv is still apparently enjoying the wooden stick and I am not sure what happened to the t.t as the last I saw of it was 49er throwing it at Koty.

Nosh was bit of a problem as Legless had not provided plates, some hashers had their own and Mole came to the rescue with mini plates disguised as plastic cups. Nosh was tasty and soon finished and another hash run came to an end.

Pro at Pro's Place - run 2033

The crew assembled early at the Mulgrave Pub at North Innisfail for the Queen’s Birthday run. The only reason Dancing Queen came along is because she expected us to sing her Happy Birthday!
We headed off into the cane paddocks as the thunder and rain loomed close above. There were very picturesque river walks, tall rows of cane, local dogs (4 legged kind), heaps and heaps of cow poo and the meandering Mulgrave River. Koty was heard to remark this area would make a great venue for a weekend away run – maybe that’s has been done before. The rain blessedly stayed away for the run until we all eventually found our way back to the pub where we then drove to the Pro Hacienda.
All in all a pretty fair excuse for a run.  There were 2 scores given 5/10 and 6/10 that makes 11 which if you add it all up it makes 2/10.  The Hare Pro was duly charged and downed the ‘Big Boy’ as he wasn’t driving anywhere. There were a couple of returnees Weed and Nomi (but she was here 2 weeks ago) and of course DQ wanted a freebee for her namesake’s birthday – even though the birthday was actually in April. She said about 10 years ago that she wasn’t having any more birthdays anyway. Wait While brought a friend with him (yes he does have more than 1). The mysterious timber pole appeared from Defeatus who had obviously worn it out and presented it to Gov to be shared between him and Spread’em. See what condition it’s in next week! 
Nosh was something that Pro cooked all by himself, because Pussy Shaver was asleep. There were some sausages in one pan and some and eggs in another in a whole lot of white stuff  with rice that was much better than Meatballs infamous rice.
On On

Poh-kee's Virgin Run - run 2032

Poh-kee had her inaugural run on 1st of June in Edmonton.  It was a glorious run that started with us wading through a creek, and then traversing through the moors of Scotland, and ended with us walking back along the road.  The walkers report was given by a newcomer that some named, ‘Dryfit’ because of her aversion to getting her feet wet.  This fine newcomer loved the walk so much that she gave it a 10/10!  That’s got to be a first!
The runners report was delivered by all three of the runners, because they all wanted to tell us of their adventures of getting lost in the bush and somehow ending up near McDonald’s.  They appeared to enjoy getting lost, and arrived 30 minutes after the rest of us had gobbled all the nibblies.
The charges started with 49er charging Royal T, because they couldn’t have made it home without his subtle hints so that they were able to stay on trail.  49er was only getting going, because she then charged Pro for not wanting to swim by himself in the pool.  Defeatist charged Royal T for making a run that was too short.  Poh-kee the hare was charged for only providing scotch to a few of her favourites at the drink stop.  (If only I’d known…)
The raffle winners were 49er and Nommy.
A big Happy Birthday was sung to Dancing Queen, who stood in for the birthday girl, No Knickers, because they look so similar.
After the circle we had the best winter comfort food that I have tasted since forever – corned beef with cabbage and bacon, carrots and roast potatoes. 
Lots of upcoming events were mentioned – The Full Moon Run, The Bike Run, and the camping weekend at Innot Hot Springs.  See the site for details.  Thanks to Poh-kee for a great event, and Dancing Queen for giving a helping hand.  May there be many more!



The pack gathered at Mole and Weeds place on an overcast and miserable night, some turned up with  models made of silver paper , Pith helmets were worn,  some had star wars masks on,  some should have kept them on, any way the GM called the pack to order and Mole told us were to go , to the gate and work it out your self's.
The run walk was good Tuttie fell in the only bit of shiggy on the run , she was ok, then we get to the beach and crossed a inlet , on the other side is a sign CROCS HAVE BEEN SEEN HERE RECENTLY. Every one made it to the drink stop thankfully.  Back to the on on and nibbles and the normal bull shit .
The GM then called the circle, and got TP to give the run report, and she gave it a score of 7, which I find hard to believe, I was with here on the run she never stoped moaning [not this way, were are we going, this is a long way,] that was TP.
 Swampy was given the stiff arm for talking that's not unusual , Zaps arm was so long the stiff arm did not go over his elbow so he had no trouble drinking with it on, others were charged for various things , then what every one waits for the raffle was drawn, Kotex and Hand brake were the winners Both very excited with their win?
Lots of announcements were made, about up and coming events just read the web page they will all be on there, then a lone Townsville Hasher turned up, a Pythagararse look a like.
On On Dunno Luv you all


The Right Royal Run - run 2030

The pack gathered for this Royal Run in honor of the birthday boy Royal T and in the presence of his right hand man Moana from the Trinity clan.
The pack had not  even arrived at the end of the street before the trouble began.  A cyclist on collision course and just  missing several hashers caused much confusion – I have never heard so much bad language from my fellow hashers!

The run continued and we found our way back to the royal apartments and the keg with out any more excitement. We didn’t even lose the visitor.  Run report from Master Farter and Fiddler and scored a agreed number of just 2

Several charges where made with in the circle. Helmet accused of exposing his arse once again and this prompted him to drop his shorts again, but what’s new.

Nomi returned looking fresh from her break in the bush. Bernie was our visitor for the night and hopefully we did not scare her and she will return to run again. Fiddler got the nosh of the month for her fab nosh last month and I heard a rumour that 49er has lost her tit. Loss of Hash property - how careless.

Retard was given a special raffle prize to replace his current whistle. A little dick, what can I say without offending. TP offered to give him a hand with it but confessed she was not a blower but a sucker.

The GM has stated that we have abolished bring your own plates and cutlery to the runs.

Trinity has a restaurant night on the 30th of May

Our 2050 Run will be on the 19 & 20 September at Innot Hot Springs

Full Moon Run at Fiddlers on Saturday 1 August

On On Prickle Magnet


Hashers set off from the private courtyard of Liquid Tiles and headed S/E, massing at the concrete strip in the middle of Spence Street and all wondering which way to go.     On, on was called to go South so off we went into the dark, bridged areas of Chinaman Creek (I think), past the PO and back along Mulgrave Road.  Not a very inventive trail but quite easy walking.

The GM decided to give the run report which seemed to go on, and on, until someone gave it a 6.3.   Returnees were Not Yet, Fiddler Brett.   No Virgins, because as Mole said, “They didn’t cum”.  We did identify twins attending in the persons of Weed and Not Yet wearing identical clothing.

Other charges were  Spreadem charged Retard for blowing his whistle in her ear?  TP protecting her property when floods threatened;  Pro for NOT sitting in the circle; Fiddler for peeing in the creek on last weekend’s run – surely that is permitted!  Some standins were summoned, namely Brett as Defoetist, Bendy and TP for somethingorother and Pro for being confused about Chris and Mofl’s relationship.    Of course Spreadem gave The Shirt to Retard for being a pest, and someone (can’t read my writing) was given the Soft Titty, for some reason!

Other business.   Fiddler mentioned how good the Oak Park Races are and that they will be on the 3/4th July.    Mole welcomed Harriettes to the monthly luncheon at Cazalys on Wednesday.  Raffles were won by Not Yet and Weed (so my sketchy notes say)

We had a naming - Brett has been welcomed into Cairns HHH as Zap – evidently he has something to do with electric wiring.

On, on,    Tutti

MOFL in Brinsmead - run 2028

The usual hordes gathered at the Baseball Grounds at Brinsmead for MOFL’s run, set in beautiful surroundings and under the glow of a full moon. There was a bit of howling but not one moon was seen mooning the moon.   DEFEATUS declined to come so 49ER stepped in and showed remarkable rabble control by getting all the Hashers up from their comfortable seats to stand in a circle. Virgin CHRIS was subjected to the usual ribald welcome, and returnee SPINAFIX was given a beer. Some onlookers complained that 49ER didn’t stick to the protocol, but she countered with, “It’s my circle, I can do what I like”.
There were too many charges to repeat here but about half of the ensemble made their up front for a “down down”. The Kiwi’s, SPREADUM, TUTTI-FRUTTI and 49ER had to go up because the rest of us were sick of hearing about them winning the footie, so they did a bit of a victory Haka.
POH-KEE awarded her shirt to SPREADEM for the same reason. DUNNO said he didn’t lose the Wooden Stalk, somebody stole it when he was at FIDDLER’S, and which Harriette was it he wondered?. SLAG said he didn’t steal it; it was put in his car when he wasn’t looking. FIDDLER gave a dick-torch to GROUPER, the one he left at her place, and he wondered why the batteries were flat. SPINAFIX got into trouble with 49ER for singing the little boy song. 
MOFL and FIDDLER won the raffle again. MOFL must have realised that we had had our fill of chips and dips and gave us mini kirsches and sausage rolls for nibbles, followed by great trays of food. There wasn’t an empty stomach in the house.
Oh yes, we had a run as well, and the scorers gave MOFL a negative 0.9 which the scribe thought was unfair, seeing as all the arrows were so neatly done, and all pointing in the right direction. 
WEED announced a special full-moon run at FIDDLER”S place for the 1st August; wondered why TEE PEE chose the shortest day of the year for her run; and reminded us that Run 2013 on the 25 May at 14 Poolwood Road, Kewarra Beach will be held on the anniversary of the release of the first Star Wars movie in 1977, and that we could sport some Star Wars memorabilia for the run.
Scribe Royal T.


Birthday Bash at Knee Trembler's - run 2027
Notes by 49er

Fiddler at Holloways - run 2026
Pro arrived early so had to put up with comments from everyone as they arrived. Pro early?? Unheard of.
The trail is on chalk, flour and shredded flour bag said our hare Fiddler as we set of into the wilds of Holloways Beach. The trail went through streets and undergrowth until we were at the drink stop, apparently with a sea view but by this time it was dar!
Back at the circle and the Ass GM ran her virgin circle. Pro stood while others sat, another 1st for Pro. Fiddler was down downed and then the charges commenced.
Pro, of course, for cumming early, Graduate for giving him something to look at while he waited. Snyce ended up with the stick and Pokey with the wank.. shirt.
Fiddler was charged for serving the drink stop drink in the mop bucket - it had been bleached she said! Brett took the down down and was presented with the rubbery tit.
Far Canal was charged for having a birthday.
Nosh was great - huge amount of nibbles and then a lovely main course.
On on to KT's next week and birthday celebrations for three hashers.

Koty & Groper - run 2025
South to Forest Gardens went the pack this week, to the home of Koty. The run is on chalk, shredded paper and plastic strips said Groper as we all set off to the wilds of White Rock, taking our life in our hands as we dodged the speeding cars on the highway. On and on and on we went, just as we thought we were nearly at the drink stop it did not materialise! Off through dark parks we went, the walkers gave the last bit of parkland a miss and headed for the drink stop! Just as well as there was a large dog running loose, more on this later!
Drink stop at last and then the long trek back. Are we there yet??
The walkers report was given by Dunno and a score of 3 awarded. Then Supa gave his version of the run with a tale of fighting off a large dog by barking at it! He reckons he had clocked up over 8kms on the run and awarded .5 as a score
The hares were down-downed and the charges commenced.
Snyce was charged for trying to lead Pro astray in the dark parkland and then being nice to him when they returned. Spread'em was charged for talking real estate while on the walk. DQ then joined them for some waffled tale about charging Betty Boop who now lives in Canberra!!??
Koty was charged with asking Helmet for shredded paper and then having a go at him for not having enough!! No idea what Prickle was charged with!
Slag was charged for spilling beer over the nice clean wan..r shirt. Mole awarded him the shirt for this heinous crime
Diamond, the dog, asked Royal T if he could set a run!!
Nomi scored run of the month and Groper and Koty got the "stick" to play with for the next month.
Great nosh, great run and on on to next week.

MOFL's Meander - run 2024
The run was not marked but on written clues, in print big enough to see without your glasses!! Off the runners and walkers went, splitting into two groups soon after. The clues took both packs to the drink stop on the Nard and then back to the circle at the BBQ area at Greenslopes Street which had by that time been invaded by half a dozen French backpackers cooking their evening meal of noodles and charging their mobile phones!
The circle got underway with the hare being charged along with Sodome for some reason or another.
Mole had persuaded her sister and niece that there is no nicer way to spend a Monday night than at Hash.
Short-cutters were down-downed and so was Bill who had managed clear the circle with a bodily function! Can't remember DQ's misdemeanor but I am sure it was a good charge!
W-A-W was charged with sitting in the circle and was rewarded with a drink.

Bill is to known from henceforth as Master Farter - arise Master Farter!
Spock had a farewell drink, he and Bouncer are off on another caravan trip. Nosh was served - on on to next week's run.

Supa Stalk's Stratford Stroll - run 2023
Runners go up the hill and walkers go down were the instructions from the hare. Off we went with Legless really not knowing if she was going to run or walk but she did go down (the hill.) Through the wilds of the leafy suburb we went following trail, through the outskirts of Jalarra Park and back out to Kumerunga Road. Alongside the railway the trail went with some of the hashers attempting high-wire walking over the railway bridge. TP, being near to the gound, did not notice the bridge and two harriettes were seen actually being sensible and crossing the road further down to avoid the bridge altogether.
Past the bowls club and off down the road to Dave's boatyard and the real fear of crocodiles!!
Back along the highway, down the road by the fruit barn, a few near death encounters along the road near the gymnastics hall and back to Supa's.
Circle got underway with the hare being down - downed in the usual manner. Quite a few returned including Tadmore, Prickle, Helemt, Pokey and W-A-W.
Charges were laid including one for the harriettes who short cutted. The raffle was drawn and won and lasagne and salads were enjoyed.
As Pro has decided he would rather "go south" than hold the Easter Monday run it will be held at the usual time at the BBQ area Greenslopes St Edge Hill

Nom de Plume in Whitfield - run 2022

The hashers met at Engineer's Park in Whitfield on a humid night in down town Cairns. As usual most of the pack were talking so did not hear Nomi give directions, it was only when those who had listened walked off we realised we were on our way!
Whitfield is not renowned for flat roads so we knew we were in for a hilly run. Two Harriettes, who shall remain nameless, decided they were not going to tackle hills so made their own way back to the circle.
The rest of us climbed hills, one very steep one in order to make sure it was a false trail! Back down from oxygen deprived levels and it was through scrubland marked in the usual way with toilet paper, very useful if you are wanting a P stop!!
Back to the circle and the run report was given. The GM then disgraced himself by suggesting that none of the walkers would have done the whole run. Shame on him, quite a few of us had! Swampy gave a walkers report including a report of patting dogs and stroking dog owners or the other way round!
Charges were laid, Prick Dokter and Far Canal returned even though Far Canal didn't thin he had been anywhere. Mole showed off the Busselton Nash Hash shirt, KT and Nomi won the raffles and we settled down to tasty nosh.

On On to Super's run next week


Graduate's Propellor Run - run 2021

It was a motley crew that descend on the quite little park in Bluewater. The neighbors didn't know what all  the commotion was about . The pack set off down Roberts Drive and meandered along to come out near the new Tavern site. The hashers could smell it in the air, the taste of another drinking hole in the very near future.
It was on through the 'ticky tacky' of homes on the beach front that 'all looked the same'. At least they could have built some homes with a different personality, but no, the same builder builds the same old stuff over and over again. What waste of a great beachside location - anyway......... Back to the run.
A great drink stop on the beach overlooking Half Moon Bay when Legless was seen to be running along the beachfront some time after the other runners came in. It was said she had a stop in the bushes but none of the hashmen hung around to find out. It was on trail through the scrub and sand back in the same direction to home. the runners had  plenty of trail and the walkers did short cut as usual!!
The run scored 3.5/10 from the runners by Pro and 8/10 from the walkers by TP.
The GM Defeatus called the circle to order and Charge duly followed. Phil was missing from the early stage of the circle when he was talking on a mobile phone - SHOCK and HORROR. Legless didn't know the difference between Bussels and Brusselton. Swampy almost had a perfect record for patting every dog she met on the run except 1 - poor dog felt left out. Royal T and Knee Trembler did their best Harriett impersonations by continuously talking in the circle and it wasn't even Hash business. Tutti Fruitti didn't know whether she was cuming or going or been and went.
The Shirt POW was given back to Sodonme even though he tried hard to get rid of it - maybe next week. 
Raffles were won by KT and Bendee. Don't forget Harriettes on Wednesday next week, Bike Hash on Saturday (now postponed) and Good Friday. Graduate is going for nosh of the year with an amazing feast. If you weren't there you missed a great array of nosh.
Well done and On On till next week.